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Technomic reports fast-growing healthy claim is ‘free range’

Technomic reports that “free-range” is the fastest-growing healthy claim on menus often appearing with reference to both chicken and eggs. Another quality cue on the rise is “Grade A,” also in reference to eggs.

The increase of these claims reflects a growing consumer preference for more sourcing and quality indicators,” Technomic said in a recent Industry Insights report.

“Decaf” is another fast-growing healthy claim on menus, indicating that consumers may be seeking out more caffeine-free options. This claim is most often paired with coffee as an option, allowing consumers to customize the caffeine in their drinks.

“Dairy-free” is also a healthy claim rising on menus, most commonly in the form of non-dairy cheeses and milks such as almond and oat milks, which are both on the rise. Unlike dairy-free choices, lactose-free items do contain actual dairy, just without lactose, a sugar that is a common allergen as it can be difficult to digest and cause stomach problems. This claim is often appearing as lactose-free cheese options on pizza.

Technomic also reports that sourcing, plant-based and allergen claims are showing greater growth on menus at restaurants, bakery-cafés and other food-service locations in Canada.

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