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Starting a Bakery Business?

Whether you are starting a new bakery or scaling up an existing operation, the BAC is here to help you on your journey. Many business start-ups or expansions struggle, often because they do not know how to ask the right questions. You may make the best croissants, breads, cakes, cookies or pizza in the world, but your business plan might be inadequate. If you are unable to process and deliver your products efficiently and profitably, there is a possibility that your business will struggle or worse, fail completely. We have a team of experienced mentors operating small and large bakeries who can help you navigate your journey. They can advise you and review your plans. We can offer you a free 30-minute consultation to assist you in fulfilling your business dreams. This section features resources to help your new enterprise succeed. Please review the outline below; if you would like to take the process further, fill in the Business Engagement form and we will contact you to set up a meeting.


Business Plan

Make sure that you have a business plan. This is your blueprint to guide you through the process of opening and operating a business. You can use this document while sourcing funding for your project. If you are self-funded, this plan will help assure you that your ideas are sound and you understand your budgetary needs. Below are some guidelines to complete your plan:


Where are you opening your bakery? Who lives in the area? What is your target market and how much is their family income?


Choose your location based on your needs. If you are wholesaling, are retail leasing costs too high? Do you have adequate parking and a loading zone? What kind of foot traffic is in the area?

Suitability of the Premises

There are many pros and cons when it comes to building selection. Maybe you are just starting up and using your home or taking over an industrial or retail unit. Perhaps the location is desirable but you must check if the zoning is right, that there is enough power or utilities to service the needs of a production bakery.


What equipment will you need? (Not only large machines but small tools as well) How are you going to display your products? How are you going to pack and ship them? What kind of storage and refrigeration are required for your production?

Licensing and Permits

Wherever you decide to locate, there are a myriad of rules and regulations. These can be different depending upon the jurisdiction in which you operate. Building and health permits need to be applied for, financial reporting and remitting must be organized, as well as understanding local rules around personnel.


Perhaps you are going to wholesale; there are challenges in ensuring that Canadian food products are correctly labeled and that buildings and processes are up to standard. Depending on the province in which the business is going to operate, there are different rules. Are you shipping across provincial borders or even exporting? We can help direct you to the right government department to make sure that you are in compliance with all necessary regulations.


Your suppliers are our members. We can recommend ingredient specialists in your area.

Human Resources

Making that great croissant does not prepare you to hire the staff to help you make or sell the product. Human resources management is one more skill that you must learn: it starts with hiring and training the right people for a happy, retainable workforce. We can offer suggestions to help you recruit, train and retain talented, dedicated workers.

Legal and Financial and Insurance

How are you going to incorporate? Perhaps a partnership or a sole proprietorship or a limited liability corporation? Get our help choosing which is right for your business model. Engage an accountant to check your figures, and suggest a bookkeeping platform? What business insurance is best for you? Not only liability insurance but key personnel, maybe even a group-benefits plan.


You have been making the best baked goods for a while. All your small batches have turned out perfectly; now you have to make 30 dozen a day of 10 different products. You will have to scale up your formulas, make sure that they perform as well under new conditions, and that they can survive a more mechanized process. We can put you in touch with technical reps that can help you with your transition.

Technical Training

Correct training for you and your staff is a necessity to ensure the success of the business. Whether it is in-house or at a training institution, professionally-trained personnel will ensure consistency, efficiency, and profitability. The BAC can recommend training solutions and upgrading for all baking and pastry personnel. We can advise as to your training needs and recommend partners who will help you develop teachable technical skills.

Promotion and Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Print. Word of mouth and block parties. Special promotions or one clever sidewalk sign? The myriad of marketing choices can be overwhelming. Let us help you put it in perspective and make sure that your promotional dollars get the most bang for the buck.

Wholesaling and Export Markets

Perhaps you have been running a successful bakery for years; now it is time to look at opportunities to expand your markets. BAC can help you ask and answer the necessary questions before jumping into this new venture. Whether it is selling to the local supermarket or sending a trailer full of cinnamon buns across international borders, we can help put the venture into perspective and connect you with all the support you need to make the expansion a success.

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