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Cargill’s oils meet WHO standards on eliminating industrially produced trans-fatty acids

Minneapolis, Minn. — Cargill’s fats and oils now comply with the World Health Organization’s recommended maximum tolerance level for industrially produced trans-fatty acids in fats and oils, the company said in a news release.

Cargill has become the first global supplier whose entire worldwide edible oils portfolio meets the WHO’s best practice standard on iTFAs, limiting iTFA content to no more than two grams per 100 grams of fats/oils, including in countries where there is currently no legislative mandate.

In the past two years alone, Cargill has invested an additional $8.5 million to upgrade facilities to reduce the amount of transfat produced during oil processing.

“Taking this industry-leading step, even in countries without current iTFA legislation, helps ensure consistency in their supply chain for larger food manufacturers, while offering Cargill’s breadth of innovation and experience to smaller manufacturers,” said Natasha Orlova, Cargill vice-president for edible oils and managing director for North America.

To ensure compliance, Cargill has added iTFAs to its larger food safety and quality assurance program, which includes multiple layers of monitoring, compliance and auditing.


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