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Team China wins prestigious bakers cup at IBA trade fair

Munich, Germany – Lin Yeqiang and Feng Yingjie from China have won the prestigious iba.UIBC.CUP of Bakers 2023 at the iba trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry in Munich, Germany.

Teams from 12 countries competed live for the gold medal. Winners were announced and celebrated on Oct. 24.

Working in teams of two, 12 countries took on the great challenge. They included the best bakers from Peru, Japan, France, China, Greece, Germany, Korea, Iceland, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Italy.

The theme for this year’s competition was “The Animal World,” around which contestants had to create breads, small bakery products, party products, Danish pastries, and a baked showpiece.

Visitors were able to cheer on their favourites competitors as they made creative and edible works of art in a limited amount of time in front of the panel of judges and many visitors.

The showpiece was judged in the bakery before being brought to the presentation table. The baked goods were judged in a transparent manner in the iba.FORUM on every competition day.

There was great applause when the two winners Lin Yeqiang and Feng Yingjie accepted the coveted award, presented by Michael Wippler and chair of the panel of judges Wolfgang Schäfer.

Taking second place were Hwang Seokyong and Han Seokwang from South Korea.

Third place went to Nicole and Patrick Mittmann from Germany.

The award for “Best Danish pastries” and for the category “Best Bread” also went to Lin Yeqiang and Feng Yingjie from China.

Honoured in the “Best Small Bakery Products and Party Products” category were Nicolo Motto and Matteo Manuini from Italy.

The prize for best showpiece was won by the German team: Nicole and Patrick Mittmann.


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