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Bakery Showcase 2018 Trade Show Exhibitor List

List updated December 11th

A, B, C, D

AB Mauri North America

Abbey Packaging Equipment Ltd.


ADM Milling Company

Agriculture & Food Laboratory - University of Guelph

American Key Food Products

AMF Bakery Systems

Ammeraal Beltech Canada

Apple Valley Foods

Ardent Mills

Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd.

BakeMark Canada

Barry Callebaut Canada

Blendtek Ingredients

British Canadian Importers Ltd.

Buhler Inc.

Burnbrae Farms Limited

Burt Lewis

Canadian Mill Nettclean Supply

Carmi Flavors


Chemroy Canada Inc.

Chicago Metallic Canada

Cloquer S.A.

Cog-Veyor Systems Inc.

Contemar Silo Systtems Inc.

Dawn Food Products

Dealers Ingredients Inc.

DecoPac Inc.

Dempsey Corporation

Design Systems Canada Ltd.

Drader Manufacturing

E, F, G, H

Ecopack Canada Inc.

Edde Almond Paste Inc.


Enjay Converters Ltd.

Fancy Pokket Ltd.

Farinart Inc.

Farm Credit Canada

Fineberry Foods Inc.

FME Food Machinery

Foley's Candies Limited Partnership

Formost Fuji Corp.

Fortress Technology Inc.

Frontline Process Solutions Inc

G. Cinelli-Esperia Corporation

Gay Lea Foods

Genesis Food

Gloco Accents, Inc.

Grain Process Enterprises Ltd.

Gum Products International Inc.

H. Moore Printing Services Ltd.

Handtmann Canada Limited

Harlan Bakeries - Edmonton L.P.

Hershey Canada Inc.

I, J, K, L

Intralox LLC

IOI Loders Croklaan

Ireks North America Ltd.

Joel Debora Sales Agency

Kaak Group


KLR Systems Inc.

Kwik Lok Corporation

L & M Bakers Supply Co.

L V Lomas Limited

La Milanaise

Lallemand Inc.

Laporte Engineering Inc.

Lantic Sugar Inc.

Lesaffre Yeast Corporation

M, N, O, P

Margarine Thibault Inc.

Miura Canada Co. Ltd.

MIWE Canada Inc.

Natu'oil Services Inc.

Nutriart Inc.


NutraSun Foods Ltd.


P&H Milling Group

Packaging Machinery Concepts Ltd.

Pan Glo

Parmalat Canada

Paxiom Group

Petra International Inc.

Port Royal Mills

Problend-Eurogerm LLC.

Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Quadra Ingredients

QuickLabel Systems

Redpath Sugar Ltd.

Reiser (Canada) Co.

Renshaw Americas

RF Bakery Equipment

Rich's Products of Canada Limited

Richardson Oilseed Limited

Rondo Bakery Equipment

Satin Fine Foods


Silikal America

Spraying Systems Canada

Storcan International

Unifiller Systems Inc.

VC999 Ltd.

Vancouver Food Machinery Ltd.

Vincent Variete

Whirlpool Canada LP

Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.

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